EMP – Electronic Music Producer

Course duration
Two month course
One to one – 1 hour per day
Group class for external faculty & Exam
Fees : Rs. 25,000 (Remixing) + 20,000 (Advance Music Composition Classes)
Accommodation is available as per your budget

For a creative person who has dreams to make electronic music and imagination beyond the limit of feeling. This course contains the power of software, deep knowledge of music & the right way to open your creative wings.
Start creating your music while you learn.
From the first day of your course, You will start making music which will improve and extend day by day. By the end of EMP course, You will get 4 tracks of your own.

Course structure: FL Studio & Ableton Live

  • Interface overview DAW – Understand the proper way to use all feature of DAW.
  • Configuration software and studio – Minimum and various requirement to run DAW for proper audio quality.
  • Music lessons – Learn the basic and advance music theory.
  • Exercise to get a perfect Key, Chords and Scale – Right way to feel the right music.
  • Understanding Electronic Music Structure – Know the possibilities beyond imagination.
  • Using MIDI Interface – Record live midi and creative editing.
  • Better arrangement beyond the genre of music – House, Hip Hop, Club Mix etc. 
  • Editing Loop & Sample – Pitch perfection, Editing tempo and sample loop.
  • Creating baseline, chords, melody & harmony – Fat baseline and basic fundamental of the song.
  • Impressive use of Automation – Learn to create better & impressive arrangement using automation.
  • Mixing techniques – EQ, Compressor, Saturation etc. – Understand how, why and when to use effects.
  • Sidechaining – Learn to use ducking and sidechaining to improve mixing presence.
  • Right Way of Mixing – Get step by step proper theory to mix using the ears.
  • Recording and processing external audio
  • Making Acapellas – Extract proper acapellas and add filter for better sound.
  • Mastering – Learn to finalize your track to release in maximum possible quality.
  • The proper way to get new sample, plugins and loops – Get external website and source for new sound.
  • Music Promotion and Distribution – Learn to reach the maximum audience offline and online.

We use and recommend

M Audio
Pioneer Pro DJ
FL Studio

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