Club DJ

Designed to get the perfect

Course duration:

One-month course
One to one: 1 hour per day
Group class only for external faculty & Exam
Fees : Rs. 15,000 or Rs. 25,000 (with 3 EMP + External faculty and extra features).
Free Stay facility for student from outside of Ahmadabad

If you want to join fast track course follow : 5-day pro DJing workshop

Recommended & Designed for all those music enthusiasts who want to be a DJ and want to make a strong presence in the DJing industry by learning industry standard techniques and their own performance.

Course structure :

Level 1 : Introduction of DJing

    • Basic information – DJ Player, DJ Mixer, Headphone etc.
    • Introduction to Digital DJing
    • Counting Beat & Bar Introduction
    • Beat matching
    • Structure of Dance Music
    • Fade Mixing
    • Advance Use of Cue Point
    • DJ Industry & DJ Equipment Introduction
    • Genre of Music

End of the level 1 : 2 song mix, Exam

Level 2 : Mastering in Mixing Skill

  • EQ
  • Chop Mixing
  • Cut Mixing
  • 3 Random song testing
  • Harmonic Mixing
  • Energy Mixing
  • Reading the audience
  • 10 song mix

End of the level 2 : 5 and 10 song harmonic & energy mix, Exam

Level 3 : Preparation

  • Getting Party
  • Emergency mix
  • Party Experience
  • DJing with Desk and Digital
  • First Podcast
  • Preparation
  • Perfect way to burn the disc
  • Sound Quality / Music Format
  • Record your set
  • A proper method to analyze and organize music
  • DJ Profile

End of the level 3 : Podcast, 30 GB of Music Collection, Final Exam – Certification

Student experience

DJ Donmil

I had an awesome experience. Never met with such teacher. It improved me a lot.... made me a professional DJ.

DJ Donmil - Ahmedabad, Gujarat June 9, 2015

External Faculty : Our external faculty will take a group class on specific topics of their expertise.

  • Professional Choreographer to teach you dance moves to improve your performance & body language in gigs.
  • MBA marketing expert to guide you in the right way of marketing in djing business.
  • Solo Musician Artist will teach you special music to improve your live performance
  • Personality Development & Public Speaking Expert to improve your public relationship and language.
  • Pro Rapper will demonstrate and teach you liverapping in party, podcast VO and anchoring to impress and entertain crowds.
  • Social media and Internet marketing expert to give you tips to use new technology in the best way.
  • You will get 3 free classes from our EMP course.
  • We’ll give you Books, Video & Audio Learning to expertise your skill.
  • You’ll get new tips, knowledge by our online student zone in the future.
Things you will receive after finishing your course :

  • Promotional material to kick start your djing career. Our special promotion kit will help you in many ways like getting gigs, making brands, creating a web presence etc.
  • We will give you a full course study material in various format.
  • With your unique username and password you will get access to our online student zone in our website to download updated study materials, audio – video tutorials, latest remix and music link, tips for club djing, promotion ideas etc.
  • 40 GB of latest music collection in different genre.
  • To solve all mistakes, We will record your  live video performance at our training centre and discuss it.
  • You’ll get certificate on the basis of your result.

*Free stay, Extra features (related to external faculty), EMP free class etc. are only available with full course (Rs. 25,000).

We use and recommend

M Audio
Pioneer Pro DJ
FL Studio

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